Invention Patent Holder - Since 2008
The first company in the world to have developed the wall printer machine

The Domain/Property is On Sale! Anyone Can Contact Us if You're Interested In Starting The Wall Printer Business!

The Domain/Property is On Sale! Anyone Can Contact Us if You're Interested In Starting The Wall Printer Business!

The Only Wall Printer Machine Invention Patent Holder in China​

Over 14 years' experience in the wall printing industry. 3D wall printer machine, vertical wall printing machine and ground printer machine Experts. We're the first in the world to develop the wall printer machine.

2021 New Launched Models

WH 32/64 , up to 64 m2/h; WT 32/64/128, up to 128m2/h; WD 32 INTEGRATED WALL AND GROUND PRINTER (NEW ARRIVAL)

Chinese Vertical Wall Printer Machine

WH 3D wall printer machine

3D vertical wall printing machine
3D wall printer Mode: WH32, WH64

WT vertical wall printing machine

Vertical wall printing machine
Model: WT32, WT64, WT128

All you need to know about the wall printer machine and why you should choose us?

Wall printing is an innovative way of wall design and also a signpost to the future in terms of environmental protection. You can print 3D/4D effects in full HD quality up to 9600dpi. The bright and durable ink provides a lasting expression on walls or building.

The wall printer machine beautifies walls indoors and out based on the inkjet printing technology. Moving along the wall on the track rails controlled by laser sensors, it can print any digital  image on virtually any surface. True-color wall prints in the CMYK color spectrum. It prints in unlimited width.

The real All-in-One Business Solution: The 2-in-1 wall and floor printer machine – Reducing cost and improve efficiency and flexibility. Besides the wall printer, we have the 2-in-1 inkjet printer for both the wall and floor printing with only 1 machine. The integrated laser enables the wall printer machine can compensate for uneveness in walls and floors up to 20-50 mm, with the print head moves continuously and automatically back and forth depending on the wall or floor surface. Good print sizes, resolution, printing speed (128 sqm maximum print volume per hour), quick setup, short-turnaround time, and reliability, the inkjet wall printer machine is expected to be one of the most popular segment in the market.

The Wallformat wall printer machine supports print resolutions up to 9600 DPI.

Although most images are rasterized and printed in 600 x 1240 DPI as REAL 1240 DPI on the wall is already stunning in real terms. Especially for large motifs wall prints and when they and viewed from some distance. However, it’s best to consider 4800 DPI or 9600 DPI when you want to print portraits on glass or you want to describe the full details of your prints on wallpaper or other paper artwork.

The wall printer machine greatly inspire the personalization characteristics of wallpaper and decoration effects. With just a few clicks, now you can easily print any paper artwork or oversized artwork without limitation. The REAL 9600 DPI can fullfill the needs to print old originals, maps, drawings, postcards, sketches, photos or paintings work perfectly and the results are absolutely impressive. Even very small texts and colored logos next to and on doors and in hallways are possible. So the wall printer machine is also an ideal signage solution for companies, schools or in hospitals, hotels, museums and many other facilities.

Print what you want! You can print virtually any graphic, sketch, image, logo or text! Formats such as AI, EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP files are generally no problem! With the built-in “Photoshop” software and our smart AI imaging processing system, your motifs can be quickly and very easily prepared and divided and stitched seamlessly for printing.


  • Maximum print resolution of 9600 DPI
  • True-color wall prints in the CMYK color spectrum or with UV ink for CMYK+White under base at the same time that can print on black or dark walls directly.
  • Wall prints in unlimited width
  • Specially developed HD print head by Epson for up to 32-256 sqm maximum print volume per hour. The fastest and most productive device (Not “One of the”) in the wall printing industry.
  • Vertical rail with a foldable design that can be carried by car easily (Less than 1.6-meter length after the folding)
  • Modular design with the detachable print head. The print head can be shipped and replaced independently when required to avoid any damage during shipping and use.
  • The 2-in-1 printer can be used for wall and floor printing with 1 machine to save your investment cost and for maximum utility.
  • Integrated touch screen tablet available for USB, WIFI, and Bluetooth connection for instant use. No need to purchase additional computers.
  • 1 Year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Free upgrade to our latest software lifetime.
  • Easy to operate. Can work on uneven floor (WT model) and uneven walls
  • The Invention patent holder of the wall printer machine since 2008

See how our vertical wall printer machine printing on 10 meters’ high outdoor walls. Unlimited height and unlimited widths. Wallformat wall printer with dual sensor to eliminate unevenness ground, and the triangle track rail makes it more stable

The Domain/Property is On Sale! Anyone Can Contact Us if You're Interested In Starting The Wall Printer Business!