Alphatch Technology is striving to provide the best wall art printer. Ever since launched the first-generation thermal foam inkjet wall printer machine in 2008, we have launched the second-generation of horizontal wall printing machine in 2011. And our first vertical wall printing machine is launched in 2013 and was upgraded in 2014. Since 2015, we have upgraded our wall printer machine with industrial inkjet printer and the backup battery system. In 2020, we have combined AI imaging technology to our system, and launched the 4 inkjets ( Tailored Industrial Grade) WT-128 wall printer, the printing speed is up to 128 m2/h and 9600 DPI resolution, the highest in the markets. To better explore the overseas markets and serve the customers, the ”Wallformat“ will be an independent logo/marks for all the jobs from International market. If required, we can also provide ODM service.

Also, the company is the 1st invention patent holder in China and the world markets.

The Domain/Property is On Sale! Anyone Can Contact Us if You're Interested In Starting The Wall Printer Business!