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Both WH and WT series wall printer machines can be used for indoor and outdoor vertical wall printing. While WH series wall printer is mainly designed for indoor and room printing or outdoor printing with even ground floor, WT series features comprehensive applicability than WH series wall printer machine that is widely used for both indoor and outdoor (More stable performance) vertical wall printing.

WH vertical wall printer robot:

2 modes are available. Direct moving on ground with wheels only or with additional track rail mode

In the indoor environment with even ground, you don’t need to install the extra track rail, and the WH wall printer can move along the ground and print. In the outdoor area with uneven ground, a track rail is required so that the WH wall printer can moving along the track rail. And make sure to align the level of the track rail first for stable printing. For some areas with obstacles, such as trees or telegraph poles, which make it difficult to install the track rail, then you should consider the WT series.

If you are an interior designer or your business is mainly for indoor or room printing, we would recommend our WH series wall printer for you to save cost.

If your projects include both indoor and outdoor environment, then we strongly recommend the WT series wall printer machine for you.

WT vertical wall printing machine:

With integrated ground-level detecting system, it can adjust as much as 30mm ground level difference. It can be used to print after the assembly of the machine and the triangle rail (It’s part of the machine) and no need to take time for the alignment of the machine. No need to install an extra track rail.

With ultra-thin and compact structure design with the triangle rail, WT vertical wall printing machine features light-weight, and the structure is more stable with wind resistance is level 5. The Min. distance to the wall is around 350mm to avoid obstacles, which makes it more suitable for both indoor and outdoor printing.

You put our wall printer machine in your car and drive to the job site. Take our WT series wall printer, for example, you can assemble the track rail and our wall printer in about 3-5 minutes, align the Wallformat wall printer to the wall, and insert the U disk to the pad, load the image to be printed and set the print size based on the wall size. When everything is ready, you can start the printing process.

Our wall printing machine can work for almost any vertical wall. For our WT wall printer, there’s leveling system to compensates for surface unevenness (as much as 30mm unevenness difference) in the floor. Also, the device is equipped with dual ultrasonic sensors to detect the unevenness of the wall (20-50mm) and sense from up and down, arc surface tracking. It can realize automatic positioning, automatic adjustment to the uneven wall and tilt wall. It can reduce the risk of damage to the printing head effectively.

Also, for our WT printing machine, the triangle rail will help to deal with the unevenness of the floor and is widely used in outdoor environment.

When the height of the picture doesn’t exceed 2 meters, Wallformat can realize one-time printing, and the width and height can be extended based on-site situation. In other words, the width is unlimited.

When the printing area is higher than 2 meters and the width exceeds the width of the machine track rail, we have adopted seamless splicing technology to divide the printing areas into multiple areas. The nozzle of the device can lock the print height position, automatic memory, and automatic chasing splicing points, and realize seamless splicing. The wall printer machine can be placed on scaffolding for partition printing. The track rail can be extended infinitely. If required, customized track rail can be made based on-site situation.

Also, good to know:

1)         When printing in zones, the machine first needs to print the area in the upper left corner (we call it “Area 1”). After printing, the machine completes the positioning mark. You can select any area next to “Area 1” to print, at this point, the machine can automatically identify the starting point to achieve seamless splicing.

2)         The connection between the device and the track rail has improved with the interlock connection. The track rail parts can be locked and dismantled one by one for freely moving of the Wallformat wall printer.

3)         Due to the inkjet limitation, there will be margins in corners to adjacent walls, floor, and ceiling as well. With our improved design, we can realize minimum margins in the markets. That’s around 8cm on both ceiling and flooring orientation and 5cm to the left and right side of the wall. I bet this will give you a great advantage compared with your competitors in your markets.

Yes. It works. Some suppliers may tell you that you should use a UV wall printer to print on glass. In fact, you have more choice. We have treatment fluid that can be used to deal with non-absorbent materials such as glass, canvas tile, wood, metal and etc. The overall cost will be much lower than you purchase an independent UV wall printer. What’s more, consumables for a UV wall printer is expensive than a standard wall printer. Only when most of your projects are glass or wood, or metal material, then you can choose the UV wall printer. And we have a very good price for the UV wall printer as well.

The wall printer can be used for almost all kinds of vertical wall printing, any material or substrates, any color. For example, interior and outdoor walls, putty walls, latex painted walls, white walls, Imitation porcelain walls, paper, wall clothing, color coating glaze,  shell powder, color grain paint, etc.

Time is money. Our WH series wall printer can realize as much as 32-64m2/h (300X720DPI), and our WT series can realize as much as 32-128 m2/h (300X720DPI).

We’re using Epson industrial-grade Inkjet, the definition can reach 9600DPI. The speed is depending on the selected quality and resolution, for example, our machine can realize 8-12 m2/h speed with the resolution of 720x2400DPI

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