Direct-to-wall printing solution- All you need to know about the vertical wall printing machine

What would you do if you could print what you want on the wall directly? Now, you can. The vertical wall printing machine offers the freedom to print anything on almost any material of your choice. We are here to make your dreams come true.

A relatively new concept begins in China first, the vertical printers are beginning to take the industry by storm. The applications are nearly limitless because it prints any digital image on virtually any vertical surface, our 2-in-1 new generation of wall printer is available on both vertical walls and ground printing as well.  Print-on-demand wall printer machines can print photos, artwork, logos, charts, graphs, and many other things (Find more about vertical printing cases here.). We see a whole new definition given to the concept of printing, including 3D wall printing. The bright and durable ink provides a lasting expression on walls or buildings. Always advocating the custom-made design, we want to maximize the benefits of your products in use.

Ground and vertical wall printing machine

Ground and vertical wall printing machine

The wall printing machine is designed for interior and exterior vertical walls, combined with the simplicity of the printer, it’s easy for you to use. With vivid color, you can print whatever you like on the walls of your room. It is easy to install and operate. You do not need to find a company to help you install it.

What is the vertical wall printer machine?

The vertical wall printer machine refers to the print direction, from left side to right side or converse is available. The earlier solution is a horizontal wall printer machine that is developed by us in 2008, and we have abandoned it later with the new vertical wall printing machine.

The wall printer machine is a highly effective and compact machine, which can copy digital images directly on any vertical surfaces directly from the integrated tablet or pc, such as brick, plaster, cinder blocks as well as wood.  It’s designed to provide the highest image quality and most durable printed images, from low resolution to high-resolution prints, from small to very large sizes. Another advantage is that the ink does not damage the colored paint of the walls. The printing process doesn’t require any special skills from photo operators. Only a wall printer is required for this job.

Which is better for decor, wallpaper, or direct-to-wall printing?

The Wall Printer provides a vertical wall printing solution features of direct-to-wall printing and non-toxic, environmental protection wall paint printing. The decoration effect is like real wallpaper with advantages like no glue backing, saving construction time, and is similar to traditional wallpaper paste (paste, paste) but it does not need to be pasted on the wall. Wallformat’s 2-in-1 ground and vertical wall printing machine can be used for ground painting up to 32m2/h. Any photos, any size an any color with one touch. It’s available for 3D wall printing as well.

The wall printer machine greatly inspires the personalization characteristics of wallpaper and decoration effects (such as 3d effect with our 3D wall printing machine) while wallpaper is a large-area decorative material composed of plane repeated patterns. And the latter is expensive while the former takes less.

Due to the strong adhesion of propylene pigment, wall painting will not crack and roll. It is also not afraid of water, is bright and harmless to the human body,  and lasts about 8 to 10 years.

The WH and WT wall printer machine meets the needs of most applications with a printing resolution of up to 9600 dpi, and up to 128m2/h printing speed.

What do you need to know about our wall printer machine? What’s the difference between ours and others?

You may have learned a lot regarding how to choose the right wall printer machine supplier in China, you should never neglect the printhead of the wall printing machine. In fact, you should pay more attention to it as it’s absolutely the key part of the wall printer.

Although most of the supplier claims they are using Epson printhead for there machine, bear in mind that not all the printhead in same. Most of them are using general/standard printhead, while we are using the specially designed Epson industrial printhead with their latest technology. That’s why most of the wall printer machine you purchased is only with up to 2400 or 2880 dpi resolution and at most 10m2/h print speed. Our wall printer machine can reach up to 9600 dpi and 32-128m2/h printing speed. That’s one of the reasons that they can usually quote you a lower price. And the lifespan of the industrial-grade printhead that we used is up to 50000 m2 printing areas.

And customers may neglect the design of the printhead, the detachable and non-detachable printhead. Better you should purchase those wall printer machines with the detachable printheads. With modular design, it can be packaged, shipped and replaced separately to avoid any damage during the shipping. Just imaging you have purchased a wall printer at a lower cost with the printhead that is non-detachable, although you have take measures to protect it, it’s easy to damage due to any dings or scratches. And it’s trouble for the maintenance as you have to check the whole unit and the printhead components. It will take a lot of time and work to replace a new one. And your overall cost will be high. With our detachable design, you can protect it better to avoid any damage. Even it’s damaged, you can replace the printhead module only rather than the whole/main printhead components. You will find it’s much more convenient. Additionally, our WH64 and WT64 are supplied with 2 printheads, even one of them is broken, the other can still work.

Detachable and Non-detachable printhead

A good nozzle circuit will have a special interface and stable connection and is protected with a protective head. The poor and cheaper one with circuit welded to the circuit board that is easily coming off.

Wallformat printhead design

The first and only wall printer supplier in the markets with an AI processing system.

We’re the first, and maybe the only one, in the wall printer market to upgrade all our vertical wall printer machines with AI technology to improve the imaging process to save time and provide ease of operation with the one-touch button to save your time and improve the printing speed. This is especially helpful for large area printing and large format and high-resolution image.

In comparison to other brands of equipment that need an external computer to convert images into data before being transmitted to their device, which takes up to 30-60 minutes, our equipment has the advantage of being easy to operate and fast. The selected pictures can be painted directly without lengthy data processing.

The larger format of the image, the higher the quality and the longer the processing time. You need to have some computer skills so that you can deal with the images so that it can work on other brands’ wall printers. This is totally a different experience on our device. With our own AI imaging technology to handle the slicing of large-format pictures using automatic cutting, automatic drawing supplements and automatic marking functions, which can be used to achieve seamless splicing.

Wall printer with backup UPS system.

All of our wall printer machines are equipped with backup UPS power supply components so that the operating system (Power supplied by the backup UPS system as well) and the main unit can keep working for 10-12 hours. It will automatically switch to backup power in case the main power is lost. All these will reduce the risk during printing and avoid any additional costs due to power failure.

In addition, the wt series equipment has its own ground identification function. This eliminates the need for leveling the equipment due to the 3 cm height difference. The triangular track is able to avoid obstacles and adapt to diverse construction environments seamlessly.

For more about our vertical wall printer and 3d wall printer robot, you may refer to our FAQs here: The wall printer machine

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