Ground and vertical wall printing machine

Printing on walls – vertical wall printing machine or hand painting?

A machine that prints paintings onto the wall. This is what the direct-to-wall printing machine is designed for. It works just like a printer in the office, the only difference is it’s used for wall printing, mainly on vertical walls. Having said this, the new generation of the integrated wall printer machine can be used for parking lot printing as well.

Wall printing/painting: Originated from ancient mural art, combined with European and American Graffiti, it has been brought into modern home culture design by many avant-garde designers to form a unique home decoration style.

The wall printing machine takes the wall as a stage, depicts the taste with color, which integrates intelligence, ease operation, artistic creativity, automatic printing, and environmentally friendly, integrates contemporary technology with ancient wall painting art to meet your wall decor and painting requirements.

Wall printing machine main applications:

  1. Home or residential decoration

The wall printing machine can be used for direct-to-wall printing for wall decoration. Such as conference room, exhibition hall, bedroom, ceiling, bathroom tile, door frame, porch, especially in film and television wall. You can design the pattern modeling and trend according to the structure of the room. The wall printer machine can make your home decoration unique and full of personality.

  1. Commercial decoration

The wall printing machine can be used for restaurants, stores, and other commercial wall decoration or ads purposes to save cost and time.

  1. For the beauty or promotional purposes of outer walls of streets, communities, and other commercial entities and the schools and kindergartens. The wall printer machine has provided a flexible direct-to-wall printing option for any vertical walls for almost any materials, large size or small size.
  2. The integrated ground and vertical wall printer machine can be used for parking lot printing and decoration as well.

The reasons why you should consider the wall printer machine:

  1. It is easy to operate. There is no need for professional artists and painters. With one touch, you can print what images you need with our wall printer machine.
  2. Avoid the slow speed and high price of manual painting in traditional wall painting; Die sticker color painting has a single color, low precision and is easy to be divorced from home decoration style, resulting in disharmony with home decoration. With the wall printing machine, you can change your life through colors.
  3. The images or photos painted by our wall printing machine are fine and realistic, with high color reduction and strong three-dimensional sense, giving people an immersive aesthetic feeling. And it’s available for 3D wall printing.
  4. Highly efficient and time-saving. It can spray paint 12-128 square meters of walls per hour, with less ink consumption. The cost can be $0.30 per square meter.
  5. Our wall printer machine supports various formats of pictures, JPG, TIF, BMP, PS, EPS and other formats.
  6. The wall printing machine adopts special water-based environmental protection pigment ink. Ink has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, anti-fading, anti-corrosion, can withstand the sun and rain, green and environmental protection.
  7. We use Epson industrial printer heads imported from Japan, which have the advantages of stability, corrosion resistance, long service life, high painting precision and high picture imaging pixels. With the detachable design, the printer head can be packaged and shipped separately to avoid any damage and for simple maintenance.
  8. The body of the wall printer machine is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes the fuselage lightweight and easy to move.

What is the difference between the wall printer machine and wall painting?

  1. The wall printing machine is supplied with 2 ultrasonic probers that can print on uneven walls with 20-50mm differences. The WT vertical wall printing machine can realize auto-adjustment of the print height on the unevenness ground (30mm height difference)
  2. The wall printing machine features high flexibility, with the AI imaging process system, it can print from left side to right side or reverse. The height and width can be extended to meet the size of the wall. The wall printing machine provides a cost-effective and extremely high-efficiency wall printing option compared with hand painting.
  3. The shortcomings of the hand painting is it’s difficult to present the texture since it’s difficult to choose the accurate color allocation. There’s always a minor color difference compared with the photo. However, with the wall printing machine, what you print on the wall is what you see through the control panel, the resolution is up to 9600 DPI to reduce the color difference.
  4. By using the wall printing machine, both the height and width can be extended to meet the required decorative effect. When hand painting is required for high and long walls, it will take a lot of time and it’s difficult to paint directly on the wall. And the cost will be extremely high. More painters may be required to fulfill the job at the same time, which may lead to great differences in each area. The quality is highly dependent on the experience of the painters and is not stable. However, with a wall printer, you can not only print on high and very wide walls, but also it can save your cost heavily. The printing speed of Wallformat’s WH and WT series wall printer is up to 32-128 m2/h so that you can finish the printing faster at higher quality.
  5. Just like any printer or inkjet printer, you can print what you have at hand. The wall can always be painted over in two or three layers if you want to remove the original printing, and you can then print the photos you like again. All this can be done much faster a very low cost compared with hand painting

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