• Automatic color mixing
  • Automatic backup battery switching module up to 10-12 hours
  • Memory resuming and drawing after power on
  • High definition quality and high-speed printing
  • AI based imaging technology and process
  • Low-temperature resistant ink can work at -10℃
  • Automatic white jump function to improve efficiency
  • Laser positioning and ultrasonic induction
  • Vertical folding for easy transportation and moving
  • Wheeled and self-propelling design, no track is required
  • Compact structure for free moving
  • Fine material and fully-imported CNC machine for high-precise manufacturing, more reliable. Unique foldable and retractable design.Epson special industrial printer head, up to 9600DPI resolution and 64m2/h printing speed
  • Built-in motor design to prevent the damage of the motor with rain
  • UPS power-off system to switch to back up lithium battery power supply when the power is off
  • Imported ultrasonic sensor to detect the unevenness wall surface at millisecond-level to retract automatically
  • Low temperature resistant (-10℃ ) and eco-friendly ink with florid colors
  • Double power switches to enhance the safety of the products
  • Integrated all-in-one computer (Imported chips and IC with our own programs) one-touch print, and no need for additional computers.


3d automatic vertical wall printer direct wall painting machine


3d automatic vertical wall printer direct wall painting machine


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